Business Travel in China – Know More

The People’s Republic of China (PRC), known as China, has progressively been taking part on the planet’s economy. Specialists from around the globe travel to this land to exchange and lift their business. Here are a couple of accommodating tips for your business travel to China.


There are numerous lodgings specking all the major and minor urban communities of China, running from rich 5-star inns to the spending inns. A wide scope of offices are offered at these spots of settlement. A portion of the inns that you can remain at are:

• Beijing:

Ascott Hotel (5-Star)

Wangfujing Grand Hotel (5-Star)

China World Hotel (4-Star)

• Guangzhou:

Inn Pullman Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (5-Star)

White Swan Hotel (4-Star)

Donlord International Hotel (3-Star)

• Shanghai:

Crowne Plaza Hotel Shanghai Pudong (5-Star)

Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel (4-Star)

Fairmont Peace Hotel (3-Star)

• Xian:

Stupendous Park Xian Hotel (4-Star)

Sheraton Xian Hotel (4-Star)

The conveniences offered in these lodgings in each room (3-Star or more) are:

• Central cooling

• Television

• Refrigerator (particularly in the 4-and 5-Star inns)

• Private washroom with nonstop boiling water

• Towels, glasses, toothbrushes, toothpaste, washing cleanser, cleanser, shower moisturizer, bathroom tissue

• Wardrobe with dressing table

• Ceiling and bedside lights

• 24-hour room administration

• Electrical water kettle (in the event that one isn’t given, you can demand bubbled water by room administration)

• Business focus (fax, Internet office and telephone utility is accessible)

• Western and Chinese eateries, bars, cafés

• Conference rooms, banqueting lobbies, multi-work corridors, assembly halls

• Beauty parlors, rub rooms

While remaining in an inn, there are a couple of things to observe:

• Water: Do not drink faucet water from the lodgings, as it isn’t drinkable. An electrical water evaporator will be accommodated safe-drinking water. On the off chance that one isn’t given, you can demand bubbled water by room administration. Filtered water is additionally accessible and can be purchased for $0.25 to $0.75 per bottle. Steamed or mineral water is likewise effectively accessible.

• Laundry Service: Laundry packs are given in lodgings. Garments given for washing toward the beginning of the day are typically restored the following day. In any case, on the off chance that you need them quickly, additional charge might be brought about. Open laundries are accessible in the city.

• Mail Service: Sending letters from your inn is helpful. Stamps are accessible at the front work area. To send a postcard, stamps of sum RMB 4.50 to 6 will be required. For an ordinary weight letter, stamps worth RMB 6 to 7 are required. You can leave your letters or postcards at gathering, who will offer them to the mailman.

• Electric Current: 220 volt/50 cycles are utilized all through the nation. In this way, if your electrical apparatuses require to be worked at 110 volts, you will require a Converter. Most inns give two-and three-stage attachments. You may need to utilize a connector also. On the off chance that you don’t have one, approach the servant for one.

Correspondence: Cell Phone, Phone Cards and Long Distance Calling, Internet Access

While on your business visit, it will be important to stay in contact with colleagues and associates back home. In this quick moving world, remaining associated is a simple errand. From PDAs and telephone cards to the Internet, there are abundant choices to choose from.

• Phone Cards And Long Distance Calling: Most lodgings give the office of IDD (International Direct Dialing) from the room itself and from telephone cards from the mail station situated in the inn. Other than this, telephone cards, IC and IP being the most prominent, are accessible in magazine kiosks. These cards are accessible in just specific regions, so it is suggested that you watch that the card has not terminated.

IC cards: IC phones enable you to call home in a split second. Global calls can be produced using IC phone cards (a result of China Telecom). These cards are very costly and are accessible for more than 10 RMB/M. When buying an IC card, you have to utilize a phone, which can be found either at an open corner, lodging, air terminal or café. The card should be embedded into the telephone. Once embedded, you have to adhere to the vocal guidelines.

IP cards: Companies like China Netcom, China Unicom, China Jitong and China Telecom issue these cards. Calling rates vary from organization to organization. China Unicom charges a measure of 1.5 RMB/M for calls made to Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan, 2.6 RMB/M to Canada and America and 3.6 RMB/M to the remainder of the world. The other telecom specialist co-ops either charge pretty much than China Unicom. To make a call, you can utilize the phone in your inn, however a charge may be issued for utilizing the telephone.

Nation codes: Listed underneath are codes for certain nations.

USA and Canada: 1

UK: 44

Australia: 61

Austria: 43

Switzerland: 41

Hong Kong: 852

Italy: 39

Holland: 31

New Zealand: 64

Making a call: To make a universal call, dial the accompanying:

00+country code + local code + phone number

• Cell Phones: Both GSM and CDMA systems work in China, kept running by China Mobile and China Unicom, individually. In this way, you can utilize either a double or tri-band PDA, or basically utilize a COSMOTE card. Assuming be that as it may, you need to cut costs, you can buy a GSM SIM card.

You have two choices to browse: Shenzhouxing and Ruyitong, issued by China Mobile and China Unicom, separately. These are prepaid associations, so there is no compelling reason to give any sort of records. Charging cards of 50 RMB and 100 RMB are accessible in newspaper kiosks, post workplaces and stores.

• Internet Access: Some inns give Internet access in the rooms, just as their business focus. So remaining associated is simple. The other choice is visiting a digital bistro.

Transportation: Airways, Trains, Taxis, Coaches

Taking your business to the edges of China requires gigantic travel. There are adequate choices for transportation to get around the nation. From aviation routes and prepares to taxicabs and mentors, China has everything.

• Coach: Coaches are accessible galore. They are spotless, cooled and agreeable. The drivers are well-experienced, so you can be guaranteed of a protected voyage.

• Train: The most ideal approach to encounter China and view the field is to go via train. The compartments are agreeable for movement. Pick the “delicate seats” for voyaging short separations and “delicate sleepers” for long-remove travel.

The delicate sleeper vehicles involve four-compartments: two upper and two lower billets. Complete sheet material is given. In each delicate sleeper vehicle there is an open washroom, however a shower isn’t accessible. It is suggested that you convey your very own toiletries like face towel, face wash, cleanser, and tissue, among others. A canteen jug containing high temp water is given to each traveler.

Guarantee to book your train ticket 10 days before your takeoff. Getting a ticket, particularly during the occasions, can be very troublesome.

When you have loaded up the train, ensure that your ticket is kept securely, on the grounds that you should demonstrate it to the ticket-checker ready, just as at the station of your goal. The conductor will supplant your ticket with a “magcard” in order to illuminate you regarding your entry. Guarantee to transform it back to your ticket on your entry.

As far as eating, you can either eat at the feasting vehicle, which is adjoining the delicate sleeper vehicle, or essentially buy an enclosed dinner that is conveyed a trolley during supper times and expenses roughly USD $2-3 for each feast. Chinese cooking is as a rule on the menu.

• Taxi: There are endless cabs accessible to take you around, particularly in the event that you need to visit the urban communities all alone. Taxicabs are splendidly hued in yellow, red or green. The tolls differ starting with one city then onto the next, yet whichever the city, guarantee that the taximeter is being utilized. This stays away from you from getting deceived. Rates of the taxi are normally set apart on the window.

In Shanghai, the four conspicuous taxi organizations are Blue’ish Turquoise, Taxis, Blue and Oro Blanco. Furthermore, after 11 pm, cab drivers will in general charge more. In the event that your haggling abilities are great, you can request a 20% markdown, which at last guarantees that you are paying at a similar rate, that is, the sum that is charged before 11 pm.

Observe the name of the cabbie and his enlistment number, which are shown in the taxi. Likewise, remember to accept a receipt as it contains the subtleties of your excursion. This receipt enables you to call the taxi organization, on the off chance that you have left your effects in the taxi, or you need its administrations once more.

The drivers don’t talk in English, so ensure that you either have your goal written in Chinese or convey a guide that makes an interpretation of English to Chinese.

• Airway: Traveling via air starting with one city then onto the next is brisk and less thorough. A portion of the carriers that are employable are China Eastern Airlines, Dragon Air, Air China, Hainan Airlines and China Southern Airlines.

International safe havens and Consulates

While on your business visit, it is a smart thought to know the area of your nation’s international safe haven or department. The capital of China, Beijing houses outside international safe havens, while urban communities like Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing and Shenyang are home to various departments. To find out about the Chinese offices and government offices around the globe, and remote offices and international safe havens in China, sign on to

Cash Matters

Renminbi (RMB) is the official cash of China. Yuan, likewise called “kuai” is the essential unit; 10 jiao or mao rises to a solitary yuan, while 10 fen is proportionate to one jiao. Paper cash is accessible in one, two, five, 10, 20, 50 and 100 yuan notes, while jiao notes come in the sections of one, two and five. Fen notes are accessible too in the

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